I Believe In My Mess EP

Spiritual dub and a monumental ode to Outsider Art. I Believe In My Mess brings you dub with themselves, the Leonids, The Beastie Boys, Scram C Baby and UpperOutsider Lee Scratch Perry. For true believers.
Released July 18, 2017

Composed and performed by our own outsiders Geert de Groot and Frank van Praag. Except:
1- Commentary/voice sample by Lee Perry
2- Written and performed by The Leonids
3- Words witten and performed by The Beastie Boys & John Cees Smit
4- Written and performed by Hallo Venray

Citizen Dub (Fatima Yamaha)

I Believe In My Mess proudly presents the dubmix of the song Citizens (featuring Sofie Winterson) by the acclaimed Fatima Yamaha. Original song comes from Imaginary Lines (Magnetron Music, 2015). Citizen Dub is about a girl, inspired by the cultural joys and hardships of growing up between two dubs. I Believe In My Mess at the controls.

Jaarlijst 2016

All streams, views and downloads.

1- The Twist, featuring General Colin L. Powell
2- My Sad Thoughts, featuring Sly Stone
3- I Can’t Remember, featuring David Lynch
4- Things You Can Do Without, featuring John Cees Smit & Beastie Boys
5- Bonox Dub, featuring Canshaker Pi