do unto others

Sounds and dubs by I Believe In My Mess. 

Songs by Frank van Praag & Geert de Groot, except Slapped By Poetry, by Van Praag, De Groot & Henk Jonkers. Hear You Calling by Van Praag, De Groot, Marcel Peetoom & Robert Lagendijk. 

Geert de Groot: bass guitars, guitars & synths. 
Frank van Praag: rhythms, guitars, synths & vocals. 

Henk Jonkers: drum noise on Slapped By Poetry. 
Susanne Linssen: violin on Won’t Be Long. 
Lucie van Praag: backing vocals on Hear You Calling & Slapped By Poetry. 
Edy Blom: handclaps on almost every song. 
The_semen_incident: sample of tremolo guitar on It’s Makes You Mad.

Produced, recorded & mixed by Frank van Praag at Messy Sound Studio, Amsterdam. 
Mastering by Pete Maher Mastering, London. 
Graphic Design by Robert Muda van Hamel, Spacebar. 

Thank you, Mark Meeuwenoord, Jim Remers, Robert Muda van Hamel, Henk Jonkers, Susanne Linssen, Edy Blom, Pete Maher, Scram C Baby, Marcel Peetoom, Robert Lagendijk, Bob, Carol, Ted & Alice, Tony Allen†, Tim Weller, Excelsior Recordings, Marieke, Joline, Lucie, Sylvie, Milo, & Nina. 

All respect due to King Tubby and his honourable disciples for re-inventing modern music. 

I Believe In My Mess at the controls.

About debut album Do Unto Others:

  • Amster-Goddamn! I Believe In My Mess have only come up with a great sonic nugget (BBC Ulster – Michael Bradley)
  • I am very taken by the album (BBC Radio 6 – Gideon Coe)
  • Do Unto Others is a colorful mix of hard, soft, harmony, chaos, cheerfulness and crisis. However, it never gets too heavy, the band always sounds entertaining in its own way. (Written In Music – Edwin Hofman)
  • It’s like musical play-doh, do look them up (BBC Radio 6 Recommends – Steve Lamacq)
  • A sensational debut LP by an inventive duo. Also works great as an antidepressant. (Opduvel – Gert Derkx)
  • One of the best albums of the week (Trouw – Klaas Knooihuizen)
  • My favorite album of the year (It’s Sooo Different – Berend Dubbe)